10 Reasons To Go Organic

10 Reasons To Go Organic

10 Reasons To Go Organic

Jane Pearson, founder and owner at Health Foods For You, based at 76 North Street in Sudbury has been a keen supporter of organic products for many years. Having run the health food shop for nearly a decade, here she shares her knowledge and the many benefits of buying organic

Imagine the impact on the industry if we all just swapped one organic product from a non-organic product to buy each month…

So, wondering what all the fuss is about?

Here are just 10 reasons to go organic, even if it’s just for one month a year

It’s better for the environment.

Organic means working with nature not against it. It uses farming methods less reliant on pesticides. More natural methods rather than chemicals such as predators.

It tastes better

Compare an organic carrot with that of an non-organic carrot and you will taste the difference in the flavours. No, an organic carrot won’t last for months in the fridge, but I would ask, why would you want it to! It’s a carrot

It hugely reduces your exposure to pesticides and other chemicals.

You know what’s in your product!

Organic produce goes through a rigorous process to get its organic status. Whether it’s the soil, welfare or medicines, you know exactly what you’re getting (or not getting) in your food.

Animal Welfare

To obtain organic status, animals must be genuinely free-range. The Soil Association have very strict regulations that cover living conditions, feed quality, antibiotic use, transportation, so you know they’ve lived a happy life

Boosts vitamin and mineral efficiency

We all know, for a healthy diet its important to eat your 5 a day, but organic food helps to absorb up to 30% more vitamins and minerals

Doing it for the kids

Potentially, children are more susceptible to the toxicity of pesticides and chemicals. Hypersensitivity to these chemicals are thought to contribute to behavioural problems

Protection against cancer

The pesticide Lindane, found in non-organic milk amongst other things, has been linked to breast cancer.

Cutting down the exposure to antibiotics

Antibiotics have saved millions and millions of lives since hitting the medical scene in 1928, but our overexposure to the drug has contributed to 10,000 antibiotic resistant deaths. Whether it’s human medicine or farming methods, antibiotics are used more freely. However, with organic, no animal produce can be sold as such whilst the drugs are still in the animal’s system.

Less Likely to get a hangover

Organic wine, free from sulphur dioxide (a preservative used in non-organic wines) which causes hangovers Certainly sounds appealing!

Health Foods & Therapies For You has a great selection of organic products, loose leaf tea, supplements and CBD including these kitchen staples from Organic Kitchen. Organic Kitchen carefully sources only the finest ingredients, its organic ethos ensuring a tomorrow that is better for the planet, and better for you. In addition to striving for fewer pesticides, fewer additives and preservatives, and categorically saying no to GM ingredients.

Check out our organic range at our shop

To find out more about organic good check out this link

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